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Welcome to the History of Trans Sea Transport (TST)

Embark on a journey through the waves of time and discover the legacy of Trans Sea Transport (TST), a company that has been steering the course of maritime excellence for decades.

Charting a New Course: From Operator to Owner

TST began as a ship operator in the late 1970s, providing parcel service between the Mediterranean and the USA. This initial phase laid the foundation for what would become a significant transformation. As the tides of the industry changed, TST embraced the winds of change and in 2001, evolved into a ship-owning entity. This pivotal transition marked a new era for TST, as we took ownership of our vessels and destiny, steering towards a future of autonomy and expanded capabilities.

Sailing Together: Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Our growth and sustainability have been propelled by strategic joint ventures (J/Vs) and partnerships. We have joined forces with renowned entities, including US and European publicly listed companies, as well as US-based private equity firms. These collaborations have not only strengthened our fleet but also broadened our horizons, allowing us to innovate and excel in the dynamic seas of the shipping industry.

Our Voyage Continues

With a fleet ranging from handies to supras, TST has become a name synonymous with quality and service. Our direct contacts with major owners, charterers, and commodity traders have established us as a trusted partner in the global maritime community.

Our Voyage Continues

As we look to the horizon, TST remains dedicated to advancing the frontiers of sea transport. We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that our legacy will sail on for generations to come.


The fleet’s Commercial, Operations and Accounting requirements are covered by way of the company’s offices in Monaco, Monte Carlo (Sogem S.A.M) and New York (Triworld Shipping Services, Inc).   A professional staff of 11 shipping and financial professionals keep the fleet running 24/7 on a worldwide basis

Contact us

New York Office

Triworld Shipping Services, Inc.
200 Business Park Drive, Suite 204
Armonk, New York 10504

T: +1 (914) 273-2410
F: +1 (914) 273-2415

Monaco Office

Sogemm S.A.M.
Europa Residence
Place des Moulins 98000
Monte Carlo, Monaco

T: +377-93-305-931
F: +377-93-305-932

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